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Are you Ready for Carnival 2017​​

Find out our Top 10 carnival hot spots
Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad rivals Rio and New Orleans’ Mardis Gras for high-octane Carnival merriment. One of the best things about Trinidad is the option for visitors to join in the fun, don costumes, and dance through the streets of the island’s capital, Port-of-Spain. It does take some advance planning, so travelers shouldn’t expect to touch down and immediately join a band — which can number in the thousands — and play mas. Similar, but lower key Carnival celebrations, are celebrated on Trinidad’s sister island, Tobago. When Carnival is done, it’s cool down time, and weary revelers kick back on Trinidad’s Maracas Beach and Tobago’s Pigeon Point Beach.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico celebrates a family-friendly Carnival in the historic city of Ponce, on the island’s south coast. The week-long festival culminates on Fat Tuesday. The biggest day is Sunday when a Grand Parade of costumed dancers wends its way through the city. A highlight is the Vejiantes, colorfully dressed devils with horned paper mâché masks and bat wing sleeves. On Tuesday, there’s a mock funeral called Entierro de la Sardina, or the Burial of the Sardine.
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